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Welcome to our digital editing & special effects (spfx) page. Here is a small selection of what may be done to correct and/or enhance your images. Our prices for editing start at $40.00 per/hour. Contact us by way of email to send us your image in a smaller jpeg format, and we will let you know what can be done to fix it up. We can do any type of job from large to small-we do it all.

Add motion or a swirl to an image, bring life and vibrance to an image. By bluring out the baackground, the focus is immedidatly set on the bottles
Before special effects added to image there is no real center
of interest in this intriguing photograph. Is it the
wine bottles, the ice or the pop bottles we are interested in?
Picture after editing by  adding swirl
After adding special effects, the picture has a much
greater feel. Used for advertising, special effects will
draw attention to the object of interest.

 Before colour correction, the balloon colour is too harsh, the result of poor printing at the photo lab
Before colour correction, the baloon colour
is too harsh, the result of poor printing
at the photo lab.
Successful editing of baloon colours restored a more natural colour balance after our digital editing
After color correction changes the balloons
are a more natural tone.

Digital editing  makes it possible to remove an   object or the face of person from a photograph.
Now you see it .... Be it a face or an old 'X' in
a photograph, we can remove anything from a photograph.
Picture after editing by ArtInNature's digital editing service
Now you dont ...... the spoon was removed by
carefully painting over it with surrounding colour. Digital editing
makes it possible to remove a face of person from a photograph.

Old film prints can loose colour and negatives can loose emulsion. Here is a sample of our digital restoration to an old slide type picture before restoration and editing. Services provided by Vancouver BC based ArtInNature include stock phoptographs, custom photography and custom silk screening designs
Old film prints, slides or negatives can loose colour or
the emulshion can be damaged. Here is a sample
before digitizing, restoring and color correcting.
Digital restoration of an old film print picture after restoration and editing
Old slide film picture after digital repairs,
sharpening and color enhancement.

 Red Eye color correction.
Even with modern cameras, 'red eye' is a common concern,
especially in wedding photographs. At the digital editing desk at
'Art In Nature' we specialize in correcting such color problems
after editing 'red eye' from a wedding photograph
After 'red eye' reduction by digitally overwriting the bad pixels
with correct iris color. We can even change the colour of
your eyes to any shade you request.

Before adding text to an image.
Combining test to an image file will permanently
identify the subject. The text is very difficult to remove
once it is added, but our careful editing service
picture of flower after editing and adding text to identify the specis of Lily
After adding text to image to identify spices.
The text is now permanently part of the image.

This tulip image is rather plain and ordinary. Adding special effects will enhance the effect giving a dramatic look
This tulip may be the correct color, but not what is needed
for a print. We want to get a closer look inside the tulip
and give the image a surreal look.
Special effects and cropping added to wild flower image to give a dramatic look.
After cropping the file and altering the color with 'spfx', or
special effects, the tulip takes on an almost fantasy look.
This is ideal for advertising or special effect greeting cards.
Send us a sample and see what we can do for you!

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