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proud calico sniffing.
Stately calico
calico cat on fence.
Calico cat on fence
calico peeking behind flower and pole.
Calico cat peeking


Golden Lab puppies.
Black cat behind leaf
guarded black cat.
Black cat
calico chewing branch.
Female calico chewing

Calico waiting
calico peeking behind flower and pole.
Calico cat peeking
calico waiting for prey.
Calico waiting 2


male tabby waiting in grass.
Tabby waiting in grass
orange cat yawning.
Orange cat yawning
female Tabby on bed.
Female tabby

hungry looking crocodile.
 crocodile by water.
Crocodile 2
heron stalking.
Heron stalking

blue heron.
Blue heron 2
Blue heron.
Blue heron 1
blue heron looking for food.
Blue heron 3

Mountain Goat.
Mountain Goat, BC Coast Range.
llama by fence.
Llama by fence
three llamas in a row.
Three llamas in a row

baby llama looking at Dad.
Baby llama looking at dad
llamas by barn.
Llamas by barn
baby llama portrait.
Baby llama portrait

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