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We specialize in custom work and will photograph your product in the following formats; negatives, slides or prints from standard 35 mm or medium format 120 mm film. We also use professional grade digital SLR cameras for all digital images. Files are made available on CD or by email in JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats. We will come to your premise if necessary, but all detailed work is best done in studio. Details are listed on the About/Licensing page. Wedding packages start at $900.00. Just email us or give us a phone call to discuss your needs.

Bottles in Ice
Bottle spfx
Restaurant Display

dog treats
Dog Treats
shishkabob utensils
Shishkabob Utensils
drink markers
Drink Markers

coffee spoon by the dazzling gourmet
Coffee Spoon
cocktail charm
Cocktail Charm
Book Clips

shortbread cookies
Shortbread Cookies
florists bouquet in water
Florist's Bouquet


sundae spoons
Sundae Spoon
shortbread cookies
Shortbread Cookies
pattison christmas lights
Pattsion Christmas Lights

fruit skewers
Fruit Skewers
cutlery set
Cutlery Set

dazzling gourmet spoons
Gourmet Spoons
circuitboard spfx
dazzling gourmet forks
Gourmet Forks

Jewellery 7
Jewellery 3
olive soap
Olive Soap

Jewellery 4
seafood forks
Seafood Forks
christmas_ products
Christmas Products

jewellery 5
Jewellery 5
cake testers
Cake Testers


vancouver library
Vancouver Library
tire and nails
Tire and Nails
deer christmas lights 3
Deer Christmas Lights 3

Deep Cove Wharf

Photography Prices

Our pricing is based on the amount of product you have for us to shoot. Reflective items are charged at a slightly higher rate since set ups are more complex in nature. We can shoot in studio or on location for an additional fee. This fee covers our time and transportation costs in relocating our equipment to your site. Digital editing starts at $40.00 per/hr. Wedding packages start at $900.00 If you would like a specific quote on your project just email us or give us a call.

Tips on preparing your products for a photo shoot

When considering whether your products are ready for their debut in front of the camera one should take a few minutes to see if the product's presentation will hold up under the scrutiny of a close up lens. Although a close up lens may not necessarily be used whilst photographing your product the same visual problems are encountered if one were to use a telephoto lens or planning on printing an enlargement of the image.

Before any photo shoot a quick check list of items to look for is often helpful;

- If you have a product that has any kind of shiny or reflective surface make sure that all dust or finger prints are cleaned off.

- If your items are made of glass, metal or ceramic look closely for any dents, cracks, chips or missing paint.

- Remove any unsightly marks, writing, or price tags that are on the product.

- Items mounted on material such as carboard should be inspected to see if they are mounted straight and that your intended style of presentation is exactly the way you want it to be. Look for any unsightly creases or uneven edges. If your backing material has lettering or a company logo on it look closely to see if there are any flaws in the printing or the mounting surface. This is extremely important because it will show up in the photograph if not corrected.

- Look closely at the materials you are using to mount items with. If you have used wire then look for unsightly kinks or untidy ends. If you have used glue and on close inspection it does not look good then change it. Remember anything that is amiss will be greatly exaggerated by a close-up lens!

- Sometimes items that are mounted together can become loose during transport.

- See if any of your items are missing any parts or necessary props.

- For the best professional presentation all artwork such as paintings or drawings should be matted and framed in a complementary way to show off your piece. You most likely have put your whole heart and soul into creating your masterpiece so why skimp on it now?

At Kate's we usually fix the small details that might easily be overlooked, but each problem takes time. So anything that can be corrected beforehand will guarantee that everything runs smoothly!


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