British Columbia Scenic Alpine Stock Photographs
from 'Art In Nature'

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British Columbia is a climbers paradise. Here are a selection of well know climbing areas. The Bugaboos in the Purcell Range, Mount Waddington, (highest mountain entirely in BC) Squamish Chief rock climbing, Garabaldi Park, North Shore Mountains, and other general mountaineering. Large prints, customized greeting cards, magazine stories or posters can be ordered directly from 'Art In Nature'. Many more images available. Most images are on 64 ASA positive film, so enlargements are of high quality. Ask us about your particular requirements. More picture details if you mouse over in IE, or click view image info in Firefox.

The Bugaboos in the Purcell Range of British Columbia
The Bugaboos and Snowpatch Spire
Sun on fence and snow
Winters snow, Smithers BC
Pigeon Spire in the Bugaboos
The clasisc beauty of Pigeon Spire
in the Bugaboo range, Purcell Mountains

snow at garabaldi lake
Snow at Garabaldi Lake
Lady Slipper Lake, Cathedral Alpine Park, BC
Lady Slipper Lake, Cathedral Park, BC.
Bugaboo & Snowpatch Col. Brent Turcotte climber
Bugaboo & Snowpatch Col

Pigeon & Snowpatch Mtns
Snowpatch & Pigeon Mtns
Bugaboo Southridge
Climbing Bugaboo Southridge
On Eastpost
On Eastpost, Bugaboo behind


Light and Shadow, high in the North Cascades, Cathedral Park.
Light and Shadow, high in the North Cascades,
Cathedral Park
Storm over Mt. Waddington, BC's highest summit at 13,177 feet
Storm over Mt. Waddington
The Howser Towers in the Purcell Range of British Columbia
The Howser Towers, Bugaboos Range

On Mt. Harvey BC
On Mt. Harvey BC coast
Skeena River Terrace BC
Skeena River near Terrace BC
Summit Ridge Mt. Harvey BC
Summit Ridge Mt. Harvey BC

Castle Towers.
Castle Towers and Garabaldi Lk.
Black Tusk Morain
Climbing Black Tusk
Table @ Clinker Ridge.
The Table from Clinker Ridge

The Lions North Wall is an alpine rock climb on good gabro. This winter view is from Mt Harvey. Ukanoskasy photo
The Lions North Wall
Mt. Munday BC
Mt. Munday BC coast range
Snowpatch Spire from the summit of Bugaboo Spire
Snowpatch Spire from
Bugaboo Spire

Claw Peak Mt. Waddington, Plummer Hut is on ridge to right.
Claw Peak, Waddington area.
Harvard claw behind, Mt Munday far back.
Climbing Mt. Athelstan in the Meager Creek area of the BC Coast range.
Mt Athelstan near Meager Ck.
Sunset West Vancouver.
Sunset from West Vancouver

Brent Turcotte Climbing Unfinished Symphony The Chief
Climbinig Unfinished Symphony,
Squamish Chief BC
Road side swamp at Brookmere on the Kettle Valley Railroad, now part of an historic bicycle tour
Swamp at Brookmere, Kettle Valley Railroad
Near Cleveland Dam North Vancouver with Crown Mountain behind
By Cleveland Dam and
Grouse Mountain

Sunset at sunset marina.
Sunset over Howe Sound
Peter Talbot on Bugaboo Spire below the famous ukanoskasy gendarm.
On Bugaboo Spire,
Howser Towers behind.
Climbing Mt. Baker.
Climbing Mt. Baker


Peter Talbot rock climbing at Porteau Cove near the Squamish Chief, or 'Goose Rock' as it was once known
Climbing at Porteau Cove
Squamish Chief area.
Southeast of Mt. Munday Waddington Range
Southeast of Mt. Munday, Waddington range
Gendarme on Bugaboo
Gendarme on Bugaboo Mtn.

Climbing up to the summit of Fissile Peak in the Singing Pass area near Whistler  Blacakcomb, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics
Whirlwind Peak, Whistler BC
climbing mount baker
Climbing near Mt. Waddington
Snowpatch Spire
Snowpatch Spire, East face,
Howser Towers behind.

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