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Snow Crystals at Battleship Islands, Garabaldi Lake BC Commercial and stock photography in Vancouver BC Symphony of Fire -competition fireworks displays at Vancouver BC Canada Stock mountain pictures from around BC by kates Art In Nature

Stock and Commercial photography at North Vancouver BC Canada Product photographer Vancouver BC Canada Stock flower photos available as large prints, or as a digital file. This is a Stargazer Lily

Peony Leaf, Stock photos, product photography, weddings,  Circuit Board - Product photographer Vancouver BC Canada Mt Munday, BC Coast range. any of the pictures on this web site are available as cards, large prints or digital files. See the about/licensing page for purchase details.

Welcome to Kate's 'Art In Nature' web site!

Kate is a commercial photographer working in Vancouver Canada. Having grown up on the West Coast and adventuring around BC, she developed a deep love for the beauty and the art in nature. She offers the following services; wedding and event coverage, product photography, digital editing, stock photos, macro images, scenics, agricultural, horiticultural, and industrial subjects. Kate also produces a beautiful line of photographic greeting cards from her collection of images. So have a look around and enjoy your time here and whatever your needs are Kate would be happy to help you with them!

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